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Watershed Legal Services 2012 Annual Report

This morning we released the 2012 Annual Report. Click through for an excerpt and a link to the entire report.

Traffic Acts: Core Elements

 Ref: WSL /_____/_____/2012                                                          Date:   05/01/2012    Traffic Acts: Core Elements Legal Memorandum Prepared by the   Watershed Legal Services Confidential Traffic Acts: Core Elements Executive Summary The purpose of this memorandum is to provide an overview of the core elements of traffic acts.  States have many ways to keep their roads safe. States register motor vehicles [...]

On Harmonizing Somaliland’s Three Legal Systems: Necessary or a Red Herring?

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“We need to harmonize the three legal systems. You know, we have here in Somaliland the traditional system, the shariah system, and the courts. Each of which does their own thing and this is a problem for us.” I was sitting at dinner with a potential client in May of 2008 when I had been in Hargeisa only a couple of days when I first heard this lecture. I heard a similar version of the same lecture less than a month ago. I didn’t really buy it in 2008 and I definitely didn’t buy in last month. But that is less important than the other question: why didn’t I buy it? Read more if you’re interested.

What’s Stopping You from Investing In the Horn of Africa? (We ask Seriously, Not Rhetorically)

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We are asking everyone we know via social and traditional media where the problems for increasing investment in the Somali region. Here’s why.

Decrypting the Somali Conflicts

AMISOM and Somali Troops Collaborate in Anti-Shabaab Operation by United Nations Photo @ Flickr

We have done much work recently assisting in capacity building efforts for traditional leaders involved in dispute resolution. As a firm, it is important to us that these individuals receive as much support as possible. We have spent a lot of time listening to their stories and helping them to identify the challenges that lie before them. Below is one theory that we have been slowly building. It takes many of our formal and informal interviews with conflict resolution practitioners and traditional leaders and builds in some of our own background in this area.

#LDNSomalia: On Cynicism, Social Media and the London Conference

Today many of the world leaders came together to speak about Somalia. The focused attention should continue the iterations towards a peaceful and sustainable future for the Somali region. Click through for more on our take.

An Annotated Reading of Chatham House’s Report on Somalia’s Sub-National Entities

For a while now I have been hoping to start an annotated readings series, I hope you enjoy this small departure. The first presentation is a Meeting Report from a Chatham House meeting last sumemr of various Somali diaspora and policy makers to discuss the follow-on actions when the TFG’s mandate expires in August of 2012. The report is a VERY good report and we have the highest regard for the work Chatham House is doing on Somalia. Please let us know if you like or dislike this annotated readings and if you have any ideas for improving that would be helpful. 

Role of Regulatory Framework in Financial Sector Development

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This entry speaks to the necessity of a strong regulatory framework and highlights some of the major decision points we stress that Members of Parliament should be keeping in mind when they debate this legislation which is on the agenda for the upcoming sessions in the House of Representatives. In particular, this article layout a framework for the guiding principles in the regulation of financial institutions and some of the problems the oversight of these institutions is designed to address.

On the Somali Pirates: They are Human, but They Must be Dealt With

A visit, board, search and seizure team assigned to USS Anzio by Official U.S. Navy Imagery @ flickr

Beginning to give our thoughts on how the Somali piracy could be address, this entry begins the discussion. Please click through and add your voice to the discussion.

Islamic Finance: The Way Ahead for Somaliland? (Part 3: Islamic Offshore Banking)

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This is the third in a series of posts on Islamic Finance which we hope will prove helpful as the Somaliland Parliament begins seriously debating a new Banking Act. Continuing our series on Islamic Banking, Mr. Abdulaziz speaks about the advantages and disadvantages about opening your financial sector to external individuals and creating a market for offshore banking.